Instruction for Bowen Delivery

May 26, 2021

Welcome to use our online order system! Please click the link below to place your order!


Please take a moment to read this post for instruction on how to leave a note as “SPECIAL BOWEN DELIVERY” for your online order.

  1. Pick and choose your items on our online store.
  1. Click on the shopping cart on the top right.


 3. Click on “Checkout

  1. At the second step ”STORE PICKUP” after the first step “YOUR DETAIL”, choose ”Schedule for later”, click on the drop down menu to choose the date of the delivery and choose 3pm .

  1. Fulfill your information at the third step “PAYMENT INFORMATION” and leave the ”SPECIAL BOWEN DELIVERY” note in the input field at the last step ”REVIEW & SUBMIT ORDER“.

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